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Rife International Health Conference
October 10-12, 2008
Seattle, WA

Videos of main speakers from the Rife 2000 International Health Conference in Edmonton, Canada
Tape # Speaker About Speaker/Topic


Dr. Henry Lai, Ph.D.



Treating Malaria with Oscillating Magnetic Fields - A look at research being conducted by Dr. Lai, Research Professor of BioEngineering at the University of Washington; how magnetic fields and the red blood cell's iron content work together to destroy the malaria parasite. Also a short discussion on possible cancer treatment. Good illustrations.


Jason Ringas

Topic: "The Life and Discoveries of Royal Rife". Jason, from Toronto, has done alot of research and collected much written material re the life and discoveries of medical genius Royal R. Rife. His indepth knowledge and dedication to the rediscovery of Rife technology is commendable.


Glen Curd

Complementary use of Rife technology and Holistic Techniques: Glen is one of New Zealand's leading complementary health practitioners, as well as a leader in Rife research. Topics include: BX virus, immunosuppressive effects of stress, neurotoxic effects of cortisol, snoring & obstructive sleep, and much more.


Stan Truman

Stan's excellent directory to Rife on the internet - an online presentation by Stan on his comprehensive Rife website with links to other related sites. His commentary on the sites and individual web pages is enlightening and a worthwhile guide to any serious Rife enthusiast. Of particular interest is the audio clip of Royal Rife's voice as Rife describes the construction and use of the Rife microscope.


Short Sharing Presentations

Selected Short Presentations including Stuart Andrews on Rife tube physics, Colleen VanVleck, Bruce Ericksen …


Lynn Kenny

Manufacturer and conference exhibitor Lynn Kenny from Alabama, presents an overview of Beam Ray and BioRay technology, including company history and inroads into acceptance of this technology by the medical community. Included is a short video of a US congressman's address to the Cancer Control Society on the importance of assuring responsible alternate health practitioners of the legal right to practice as proposed in bill AB2635.


Exhibitors Interviews

Deanna Burgess



Short Presentations

A walk through the RIFE 2000 Conference exhibits hall featuring short interviews with each exhibitor. (Rife machines, etc.)

Some Aspects of Live Blood Analysis - Deanna provides running commentary on a video presentation with analysis of five blood samples. (Some of the video is a bit hard to make out)

Selected short impromptu presentations at the conference.


Don Tunney

Canadian researcher and manufacturer of the Rife-Bare Photon Light Emission System since 1996, Don speaks on Rife technology continuing the Quest outlining successes and failures and their contributions to the future. Some very interesting research anecdotes.


Dr. James Bare, D.C.

Dr. Bare is the inventor of the Rife-Bare plasma tube device. His talk is an overview of Rife/Bare technology - presentation on Rife technology in general with specific emphasis on propagation of the fields radiated by the plasma tube. Quite technical presentation.


Dr. Carl Taylor, M.D.

Carl has degrees in both engineering and medicine. He is a practicing physician in Canada with decades of personal interest, study, and experience in optimum health maintenance and recovery from diseases. His talk on "Immunity, Cancer and Other Considerations" is a treasure-trove of information delivered with good-natured wit. Good illustrations. Additional videos and cassettes by Dr. Taylor can be ordered through Eden's Best Health & Wellness Centre (click here)


Dr. Richard Loyd, Ph.D.

Alternatives for Cancer using Electronics, Herbs, and other materials — A fascinating tour of the world of Rife and other electro-medical devices, brute force electromagnetic in the research treatment of tumours, use of herbs and other supplements in concert with Rife electro-magnetics. Some humorous anecdotes. Dr. Loyd holds a Ph.D. in Nutrition


Conference Close plus Short Presentations

Conference close by Dr. James Sprague, Rev. Paul Jone, as well as conference short presentations by Stuart Andrews (Rife tube physics), Bruce Ericksen (chem-trail alert), Colleen Van Vleck (presentation for City of Las Vegas as possibility for next conference), Mali Klein (review of text Cancer Biology), Kelly Kurtz (structured waters) and several others.

Also included are testimonials of research volunteers at Glen Curd's New Zealand clinic.

The above tapes are for educational purposes only. No statements or inferences thereof, made by anyone on these tapes, should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment, or prevention of any disease or as a substitute for professional healthcare.

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