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Rife International Health Conference
October 10-12, 2008
Seattle, WA

Videos of main speakers from the Rife 2002 International Health Conference in Las Vegas

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Stuart Andrews

Physicist and Engineer, Stuart Andrews from the UK, provides an in-depth analysis of a recently discovered, orginial 1939 Rife Beam Ray machine. In the second part of this presentation, Stuart explains bio-impedence matching and Rife effect.


Richard Loyd, Ph.D.

Dr. Loyd, Ph.D. in Nutrition, from Seattle, for many years has researched and experimented with numerous electrotherapeutic devices. In his presentation, Dr. Loyd provides a very interesting and useful overview of various bio-electronic devices, including the Rife/Bare unit, various EMEM machines, F-Scan, BioRay, magnetic pulsers and more.


Dr. Bill Biagioli

Dr. Biagioli from North Carolina heads a manufacturing firm that is engaged in research, development, and production of alternative medical devices, including the latest Bio-Wave Rife Device. In this presentation Dr. Biagioli shares his reasons for adopting a new design philosophy for Rife machines. He also discusses successful research case histories using these machines.


Lynn Kenny

Lynn, who is from Alabama, has been involved with research and development of Rife technology for over 15 years. Lynn's presentation reviews the development of his Beam Ray technology and the ongoing research using this technology at various universities and hospitals.


Thomas Bohme, P.Eng.

Thomas Bohme, engineer/inventor, heads a small specialist electronics company in Switzerland. In his presentation, Bohme describes the development and theoretical foundations of his F-Scan device which performs both analysis and therapy using Rife and Clark frequencies.


Robert LaBine

Robert, from Arizona, gives a personal approach to using bio-feedback devices to find Rife frequencies and other measures to enhance wellness.


Bill Cheb

Bill, from Edmonton Canada, has a background in electronics with extensive experience in medical electronics, high power microwave research work, television engineering, and currently the fabrication of glass plasma tubes for Rife and related devices. Bill's presentation covers an overview of plasma tubes, including the different types of glasses, gases and gas mixtures used, as well as how plasma tubes are fabricated, showing examples of the different shapes and sizes of tubes currently in use.


David Felt, P.Eng.

Dave is an Electronics Engineer from California currently working at a major US University in both Computer Sciences and high-energy Plasma Physics. His research and interest in Rife technology, combined with his extensive knowledge and medical research makes for an excellent technical presentation on using three different forms of Rife devices.


Rockwell Exhibit

Ron Rockwell, who was a technical assistant to John Crane (Rife's associate) exhibited his extensive collection of orginal Rife equipment and memorabilia. Very interesting display.


Dr. Carl Taylor, M.D.

Dr. Taylor has degrees in both engineering and medicine. He is a practicing physician in Canada with decades of personal interest, study, and experience in optimum health maintenance and recovery from diseases. His presentation is on the immune system (the most diverse and important system in the human body), including ways to strengthen the immune system. Additional videos and cassettes by Dr. Taylor can be ordered through Eden's Best Health & Wellness Centre (click here)


Jone Schram, Ph.D.

Dr. Schram, Ph.D. in Psychology, is from Arizona. In her presentation she describes various holistic health remedies and products such as collodial silver, as well as providing her views on extensions to Rife technology.

The above tapes are for educational purposes only. No statements or inferences thereof, made by anyone on these tapes, should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment, or prevention of any disease or as a substitute for professional healthcare.

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