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Rife International Health Conference
October 10-12, 2008
Seattle, WA

Videos & DVDs of main speakers from the Rife 2006 International Health Conference in Seattle.

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Speakers - 2006

About Speaker/Topic - Rife 2006


Bryan Rosner
(DVD #1 approx. 1 hr 45min.)

Mr Rosner begins with a superb overview of the nature, rate of occurrence, and geographical distribution of Lyme Disease. Methods of transmission, body systems affected, symptoms, and myths, various forms the disease can take and their corresponding spirochete types. High risk areas in North America and throughout the world are identified. Mr. Rosner explains the most effective conventional medical treatments and their associated difficulties and then goes on to describe successful electo- medical treaments for the disease. There is particular emphasis on the “Doug machine” as well as discussion of the use of Rife machines. Also included is an in-depth interview with Doug McLean, inventor of the “Doug machine” where he outlines his experience in curing his own Lyme Disease and provides design details of the machine that enables any good electronics tech. or experimenter to build the machine.


Dr. Richard Loyd
(DVD #2 approx. 1hr.)

Dr. Loyd provides an up-to-date review of low cost Rife devices, multiwave oscillators, and other related devices. He explains the use of various waveforms, the importance of gating, and the significance of high and low voltage devices. Most importantly, Dr. Loyd dicusses Rife treatment protocols and precautions that must be observed. Recent case histories are also presented.


Dan Dial
(DVD #2 approx. 1 hr.)

Mr. Dial provides a brief overview of Rif-style devices and their application. He then presents the history of his Mollecular Enhancer and its’ twenty-five year track record and explains many details of its application including case histories dealing with cartilage repair, rapid repair of injuries, ADD, and autism.


Dr. John W. Garvy
(DVD #3 approx. 1hr 40 min,)

Topics of discussion include:

  • Illness caused by root canals and other commom dental practices.
  • The importance and ideal length of convalescent periods.
  • Garvy’s seven causes of disease.
  • Making antidotes from pollens using either his patented Mender device, or manually.
  • Discussion of the philosophy of science and medicine. Very interesting and entertaining.


Tim Bolen
(DVD #4 approx. 1 hr.)

Mr. Bolen presents a valuable tutorial on understanding legal challenges to alternative and complimentary health practitioners, and makers of equipment use by these practitioners.


Jeff Garff
(DVD #4 approx. 1 hr.)

Mr. Garff is the devloper of the GB4000 Rife device. He presents a review of early Rife devices including the AZ58 and the original 1938 Rife Beam Ray machine. Other topics of discussion include: the merits of vacuum tubes vs solid state machine, the controveersy over what frequencies Dr. Royal Rife actually used in dealing with cancers, and the priciple of regenertion ane its imprtance in Rife therapies.


Dr. Hans Ulrich May
(DVD #5 approx. 1hr,)

Dr. May discusses a new patented range of frequency based devices for building muscle, reducing fat and treatment of diabetic neuropathy. An on-stage presentation of a muscle therapy session using one of the devices is included. A comprehensive discussion of electrolytic tumors and changes in mitochondrea using mid-range frequencies is presented. Dr. May’s presentation aids in bringing together much of the fragmented knowledge from world wide research into frequency based cancer therapy.


Peter Walker
(DVD #5 approx. 1hr.)

Mr. Walker presents the history and physics of the breakthrough in optics that led to the ability to resolve objects less than 100nm in size in full color using white light. This breakthrough eliminated the need to accept the disadvantages of the scanning electron microscope which cannot observe living specemins. Peter provides many stunningly detailed slides and videos comparing the performance of conventional microscopes with the new Ergonom range of microscopes.

The above tapes/dvds are for educational purposes only. No statements or inferences thereof, made by anyone on these tapes, should be construed as a claim for cure, treatment, or prevention of any disease or as a substitute for professional healthcare.

Videos and DVDs are no longer available for sale.


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